Last Night’s Symphonie

A young man enjoys a wild night out on the town with an adventurous young woman, only to face the consequences when the fantasy ends and reality kicks in. Story drawn from Symphonie fantastique by Hector Berlioz.

Runaway Overture


A young artist sets out from home to find adventure as an aging painter struggles to let go of his dreams. Set to Overture to Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner.
Premiered at the Richard Wagner Museum during the 2015 Bayreuth Wagner Festival.

Sam & Barb’s School for Scandal


Two close friends, Sam and Barb, engage in constant one-upmanship in a game of wits, only to realize they might be in love with one another. Set to the Overture to the School for Scandal by Samuel Barber. A collaborative project with Schirmer Theatrical.


La Folia


A visual anthology of twenty-four short stories, from the imaginations of over a dozen different people and all inspired by variations on the same ancient melody.

American Quartet

A story of four Americans who discover technology that allows them to live the world through another person’s eyes, set to Antonín Dvořák’s String Quartet No. 12 in F Major.