“Filmelodic and everyone involved have done an excellent job and their experimental filmmaking needs to be applauded and supported so that we can see more art of this kind produced.”

– Future Conscience

“Over 12 minutes, it weaves together several stories – a ballet dancer preparing for a show, a mother accepting her daughter’s sexuality – all ebbing and flowing as the music spins from variation to variation.”


“Brian Wolfe gives a powerful performance in the new short film American Quartet”

– Brooklyn Reporter

“A wonderful film, inventive in both technology usage and musical usage.”

– Slice of SciFi

“American Quartet,” will premiere at The Philip K Dick Film Festival… Jesca Prudencio hones in on the question, “Will it take a technological breakthrough for Americans to learn empathy?”

– Inquirer.net

“At its heart, La Folía is a reminder that, while life isn’t perfect, there’s a dancer, or an artist, in all of us. And drawing on that can unlock a little magic when we need it most.”

– Dance Magazine

Self-isolating choirs and orchestras are performing powerful at-home concerts during coronavirus outbreak

– Classic FM

“The film, which captures the sweeping themes of pilgrimage present in Wagner’s Tannhäuser… brought them to tears.”


“A breathtaking series of original films…”

– G. Schirmer & Associated Music Publishers

“For a viewer, particularly a viewer who is new to classical music, the collection of many of these personal narratives suggests that there is no wrong way to experience this music.”

– Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

“Dispensing with dialogue, the filmmakers have created stories using known masterpieces of classical music visualized so as to capture to spirit of a modern audience…”

– Richard Wagner Museum, Bayreuth

“The movie’s plot ought to resonate with anyone who’s experienced a night of flirtation, inebriation, and inter-borough transportation, but Berlioz’s symphony is meant to be the night’s main focus of attention.”

– Gothamist

“See the Brooklyn Symphony play a live movie soundtrack!”

– Brokelyn