What is Filmelodic?

Filmelodic is a series of new stories drawn from classical music and screened with live musicians. We use the international language of music and the visual language of film to open up the world of classical music to newer, younger, and more diverse audiences. We are working with G. Schirmer & Associated Music Publishers to license our films, with conductor scores and parts, to orchestras.

We partner with classical musicians in various communities around the country for concert screenings. These concerts feature one or more of our films projected as the orchestra plays the corresponding piece. The concert screenings have been shown to be extremely popular among younger audience members, many of whom had never even been to an orchestral concert. More experienced concertgoers are given the opportunity to hear familiar music as if it were for the first time.

Past and Current Collaborations:

Overheard at our screenings:

“I was crying by the end. And I’ve never been to a classical concert.”

“The two intersecting storylines brought me to tears.”

“Brilliant! Thank you for the new thought-provoking images to accompany the giant scope of Wagner. It was wonderful to see the intimate stories of two small people brought to an epic importance through the profound music of the genius composer.”

– Runaway Overture, Philharmonia Orchestra of New York, 2017

“It was really incredible to see the actual story played out instead of … just hearing it.”

“The entire concept was so fresh, so innovative. And definitely dispelled stereotypes of classical music.”

– Last Night’s Symphonie, NYU Community Orchestra, 2013

“It’s amazing how a little Berlioz blaring can draw people into a tent.”

– Last Night’s Symphonie, Kahbang Music and Arts Festival, 2013

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Filmelodic™ is a production of Adam Grannick Multimedia, LLC.